All sixteen of our cubs are in a Wild Enclosure where they have choices about trees, culvert dens, and food.  The three groups of cubs behave differently, even though all of them are the same age (almost 11 months old).  The cubs in Wild Enclosure 1 are the smallest cubs, and came to us in pretty bad shape – very needy, malnourished, and underweight.  They had likely been starving for several weeks, if not longer, so they are just now showing the effects of hyperphagia.  The “first wave” cubs, who have now been released, went through this intense eating period in September, but our little ones in Wild Enclosure 1 are experiencing it now.  They eat as much food as the curators provide, and with great enthusiasm.  Eating is their primary occupation now.  Here are some of these hungry cubs.


Tucker Bear is ready for more food.


Shelby Bear forages.

Beaufort and Linus

Beaufort and Linus Bear in a tree.


Rufus Bear has a favorite branch in his favorite tree.

In Wild Enclosure 4, the cubs are not as anxious about food.  These are the cubs who are of a better weight that they simply need to maintain.  They may decide to den after a while.  Here are three of the Wild Enclosure 4 cubs, staying in a tree.  They are quite healthy.

Cindy Lou and Belle

Cindy Lou, Belle, and Herbie Bear stay in the tree, coming down at their leisure to forage. 

It is a bit unnerving to see cubs up so very high in a tree, but cubs have an amazing ability to climb high and hang on.  They have a great sense of balance.