It was a very rainy, cold day.  The cubs at ABR might have retreated into one of the culvert dens to weather the storm, but instead they stayed up in the trees, as their cousins in the wild were probably doing.  Here are some photos of sopping, soggy wet cubs.  Of course, bears’ fur acts like a raincoat, repelling water.  Even though some of our cubs have not yet achieved a thick coat of fur, it seems they have enough to make them reasonably comfortable.

We start with a soaking wet Linus Bear.


Linus is a wet little bear.


Herbie Bear is a little lump of wetness.


Tedford is able to snooze, even while wet.


Acorn Bear is a bit more sheltered, but she’s wet, too.

soggy cubs

How many soggy cubs do you see here?

2 cubs

Two soaking cubs hang out together.

wet cubs

A tree-full of dripping cubs.

But in spite of the rain, Derby Bear came down to eat.  Even rain can’t deter a little bear on a mission to gain weight.


Derby Bear forages in the rain.

The cubs are well equipped to handle any weather conditions that come their way.  They are doing well.