The sound of an apple falling in the Wild Enclosure is like a dinner bell to the cubs, especially to the smallest cubs in Wild Enclosure 1.  Here we have photos of some of those cubs, snoozing peacefully.  When the curator threw food, including apples, over the fence for them, the reaction was immediate – down they came to eat.

Here is Tiny Tim Bear, sleeping (not so) soundly.

Tiny Tim

Tiny Tim appears to sleep soundly.


Flora Bear is sleeping, too.

Tiny Tim, Flora, Shelby

Tiny Tim, Flora and Shelby Bear share a tree for their naps.

When the apple fell on the ground, the cubs immediately hurried down to eat.  Remember, these are the little cubs that are in hyperphagia.

Flora - apple

Flora found an apple.

Linus, who was sleeping in a different spot, heard the sound and climbed down from his tree.


Linus found an apple.


Linus uses his paw as a plate, as we have seen bears do before.

Flora - apple

Flora found an apple.

Meanwhile, over in Wild Enclosure 4, the cubs that are somewhat larger are not as anxious to grab the food as it is delivered.  They take their time and will forage when they are ready.  They have learned that there is always plenty for all of them.


Over in Wild Enclosure 4, Acorn isn’t in such a hurry to eat. She will come down to forage after she finishes her nap.

Even though Cindy Lou and her sister Belle have not been at ABR very long, they were a bit heavier when they arrived and they, too, are more relaxed about eating.

Cindy Lou and Belle

Cindy Lou and Belle Bear don’t hurry down from their tree.

Each of the cubs is an individual and reacts to situations, including the daily food delivery, in their own way.  Each cub will have plenty of food in order to grow into a “chubby cubby” while at Appalachian Bear Rescue.