The ABR photographer of record, Ken LaValley, stopped by the other day to photograph some of the new, “second wave” cubs.  You will remember that these are the smaller, malnourished and underweight cubs who have arrived during the past month or so.  As they eat plenty of nutritious foods they are slowly improving in weight and in appearance as their coats start to fill out.  There are only four photos this time, because these four cubs were the only ones who cooperated when Ken was trying to photograph them.  We think these are great, and look forward to more photos to come.

First up is Shelby Bear sitting in a tree.


Shelby Bear has a good perch in this tree.

Here is Tiny Tim Bear, looking very relaxed and comfortable.  This is a typical sleeping cub pose.  You can almost hear him snoring.

Tiny Tim

Tiny Tim is draped across the branch of this tree.

Next, Ken was able to zoom in on Rufus Bear.


Rufus Bear has a serious, thoughtful look.

And finally one of our very newest arrivals, Belle Bear, strikes an unladylike pose.  Looks like she is practicing acrobatics.

Belle Bear

Belle Bear. Cubs do strike unusual poses.

We will look forward to more of Ken’s beautiful photos in the future.  Not only are they nice for us to see, the curators study them to observe the cubs more closely than they can do from the lookout towers.