We have photos of all but one of the cubs now residing in Wild Enclosure 1.  Rufus Bear is not willing to make an appearance.  Maybe he is camera shy, but he seems to be very hard to capture in a photo.  Good wild bear behavior, for sure!  We can see the other five cubs, and they are all doing well.  They are foraging and getting along together.  They’re looking better already!  All of these little “second wave” cubs were very underweight and sickly when they came to ABR.  Their fur was thin and ragged.  Now they are starting to fill out and their fur is looking better.

Here is Beaufort Bear.


Beaufort has grown.

Next, we see Flora Bear.


Flora is foraging and eating the foods she needs.

Another member of the Wild Enclosure 1 bunch is Shelby Bear.


Shelby Bear finds tasty foods.

Tiny Tim is in this enclosure, also.

Tiny Tim

Tiny Tim is looking a little less tiny now.

Rufus and Tucker are the last two members of this cub group, but as stated above, Rufus declined to have his picture taken.  So here is Tucker Bear.


Tucker appeared for his photo-op.

Finally we have a photo taken from the viewing tower that shows five of the six cubs.  We’re sure we know who is not in the picture, although it’s hard to tell who is who from this angle and distance.

5 cubs

The cubs in Wild Enclosure #1.

Aster Bear, the last of the “first wave” cubs, has Wild Enclosure 3 all to herself now.  We hope she will soon take advantage of the opportunity to return to the wild.


Aster Bear on the ground. She is usually in a tree.

ABR still has a total of 15 cubs onsite – a large number for this late in the year.