On December 6th ABR admitted Cub #232, nicknamed Herbie Bear.  The little male cub was found in the Townsend area of Blount County.  He is 10  months old, the same age as the other cubs on site.  He weighed 27.5 pounds, which is more than many of the most recent arrivals but not enough to sustain him through the winter.  Here is Herbie Bear when he arrived.

Herbie Bear

Herbie Bear.

He was examined by the UT vets, who stated that he was basically healthy.  The usual course of worm medicine was prescribed.  One of the few health problems bears are plagued with is internal parasites.  In a healthy bear, these parasites do not interfere with the bear’s general health, but in malnourished cubs those parasites keep the cub from deriving the nutrition from its food.  This is why each of our recent arrivals have been taking worm medication to rid their bodies of these nutrition-robbing parasites.

The UT veterinarians did a thorough exam of Herbie.

Herbie - exam

Herbie on the examining table.

Herbie - exam

He is thoroughly checked.

Herbie - exam

The vets take good care of Herbie.

After the exam, Herbie was transferred to a private pen at ABR to recuperate and take his medicine.  He proved to be another feisty cub.  As soon as he has finished his meds, the curators will release him into a Wild Enclosure.