Acorn Bear (Cub #230) and Linus Bear (Cub #231) were the most recent arrivals at Appalachian Bear Rescue.  They have been with us for a week and a half, and are still considered fragile.  They are not finished with their meds and the curators try to observe them a bit more than the cubs outside in the Wild Enclosure, to make sure that the two little ones are eating their food and taking the medicine.  Therefore, the curators are able to get a few more photos of these two.   Both cubs are eating well.   Today we have a couple of pictures of Linus in his acclimation pen, and one of Acorn (actually, it’s just her paw – that’s all she showed the curator on this day).

Linus is eating very well and because he’s a messy eater who tips over the bowl and walks in his food it is easy to track him and see where he is hiding.  Just follow the footprints!  He hides from the curator, like a good bear should, but his tracks give away his location.

Linus hides

Linus hides behind a tree trunk in the pen.


Linus probably thinks he can’t be seen.

Acorn Bear, in The Cub House, stays hidden in the crawl space, which is the highest point in The Cub House.  She only comes down to eat when the curator is nowhere near.  She will be happy to get out in a Wild Enclosure where there are tall trees to climb.

Acorn's paw

Acorn’s paw hangs down from her hiding place.

All the rest of the cubs are eating and doing well in their Wild Enclosure.  Soon, Linus and Acorn Bear will be able to join them.