We have some photos of the “second wave” cubs (some of them) who are beginning to fatten up a little.  They still have a long way to go, but as we have seen before, bear cubs gain weight quickly when they are not stressed and have access to nutritional foods.  We think you will see a difference in some of these.

First, though, we’ll take a peek at Acorn Bear in The Cub House.  The curators seldom see her down on the ground, as she climbs up to her crawl space perch when she senses a human coming.  She has even made the space a little bigger by tearing out some insulation.


Acorn hides out in the crawl space.


Chestnut Bear was recently released into the Wild Enclosure.  She now is able to climb a tree to feel safe.


Chestnut feels safe in a tree.  She is still a very small cub.

Tedford Bear has been in the Wild Enclosure a little longer.  He forages on the ground.


Tedford forages for food. He has learned it is there on the ground.

Gamble Bear, another “second wave” cub, feels safe in another tree.


Gamble sits up high in a tree.

For contrast, we’ll look at the last two “first wave” cubs, Petal and Aster Bear.  They were the two cubs that refused to come down from their trees on the day when Peanut, Ellis and Charley B were released.  They will get another chance soon.


Petal Bear did not want to come down from her tree.


Aster Bear stayed put in her tree.

These last two of the “first wave” cubs will go back to the wild as soon as they can be lured down from their comfy trees.  We’ll share their release when it does occur.