We have a double treat today.  First we’ll see the photos taken when Peanut Bear was worked up for release.  Unfortunately, we don’t have images of the actual release, as we did for Ellis and Charley B Bear, but you will see how Peanut was prepared, weighed, etc.  Then we’ll provide a link to a new YouTube video that shows the “second wave” cubs who have been released into Wild Enclosures.  There are only two of these much smaller cubs who are still in pens – Acorn Bear in The Cub House and Linus Bear in an acclimation pen.

First we’ll look at Peanut during his stay at ABR.  He and his sisters arrived in early July.  He was about the size then as our current “second wave” cubs are now.

Peanut Bear

Peanut Bear arrived in July.

Bear cubs grow amazingly fast.  Here is Peanut in October.

Peanut - October

Peanut was much larger after three months at ABR.

Here are the three cubs that were released on November 30th, shortly before they were captured for release.

3 Bear cubs

Ellis, Charley B and Peanut Bear in November.


Now we will see how Peanut’s workup went.

Peanut on stretcher

Peanut is carried to the workup area.

As was true of Ellis and Charley B, Peanut was weighed.  He was a hefty 91.5 pounds!  Not quite as big as the other two, but plenty of weight to sustain him through the winter.  He was measured, tattooed, and fitted with a GPS collar, like the other two cubs.


Peanut ready

Peanut Bear was ready to go.

After loading him into the transport cage on the truck, the TWRA officers took him to his new, wild home.  We wish Peanut Bear a long, happy life in the wild.


After bidding goodbye to these “first wave” cubs, we invite you to check out the new video of the much smaller “second wave” cubs in their Wild Enclosures.  As we have said before, it’s hard to believe that all of these cubs are the same age, but they are!  Click here to watch the little cubs in their Wild Enclosures.