After recent releases into Wild Enclosure 2 we have some photos that show how these small cubs are getting along.  As a matter of fact, they seem to be adjusting very well.  All of these unrelated cubs are coexisting nicely in their new space.  They are so comfortable with each other that they sometimes hang out in the same tree!

Six cubs

Six cubs in a tree.

A closer view of three of them.

3 cubs

Three cubs, with zoom lens.

This is how far away the curator was when taking those photos!

Far away

Can you see the cubs from this distance?

A closer view of Peanut Bear.

Peanut in tree

Peanut Bear in tree.

A closer look at one cub (maybe Peanut, but not sure).

Cub in tree

A cub in the tree.

Here is Tucker Bear.


Tucker Bear in the tree.

When Chestnut was released, she bolted up a tree so fast that it was hard to capture her image.  This was the best view the curator had.


Chestnut Bear in a tree.

Tiny Tim came down and was interested in the Go-Pro camera.  Bears and cubs are very curious about new, strange objects in their environment.

Tiny Tim with camera.

Tiny Tim investigates camera.


There are still two of the “second wave” cubs who are still taking meds in private enclosures.


Linus in his acclimation pen. He is eating and taking his meds.

Linus and Acorn will be ready to go into a Wild Enclosure before long.  In our next post we will share the release of more of the “first wave” cubs.