We promised a release post, and it will happen later today, but we had to let everyone know about our latest arrival – Cub #231 nicknamed Linus Bear, rescued in the Gatlinburg area of Sevier County by TWRA.  Linus is a ten-month-old male, the same age as all the other cubs currently at ABR.  He weighed 16.5 pounds and had attracted the attention of citizens who had reported a cub in distress.  The TWRA officer tried for a week to capture him before finally succeeding.  Curator Janet took the cub to the UT Vet School for the usual examination.

Linus Bear

Cub 231 – Linus Bear at rescue.

Linus's exam

Linus is examined by the UT vets.

Linus was prescribed antibiotics and the customary worm medicine.  Then he was transported to ABR.


Linus in the transport carrier.

Linus Bear will be housed in a private acclimation pen outdoors until he finishes his medicines.  Then he will be out in a Wild Enclosure.