On the day before Thanksgiving, ABR welcomed Cub #230 nicknamed Acorn Bear.  She is a 10-month-old female, found in Blount County in the area of Heritage High School.  She weighed in at 30 pounds – much larger than our most recent cubs, but even at that weight she is underweight for her age and unlikely to survive the winter alone.  She also had a wound on one leg that needed stitches during her exam at the UT Vet School.  Because of the wound, she will be on antibiotics as well as the worm medicine.

The photos we have of her so far are those taken at UT.  We can see how the vets work on a cub.

Acorn exam

Acorn Bear is examined by the UT vets.

In the next photo we can see the wound on her leg that required stitches.


Acorn looks a bit larger on the exam table, but is still underweight.

Because of her stitches and the antibiotics, Acorn will be housed in The Cub House for her first few days.

Watch for our next post about the release of two more of the “first wave” cubs!