We have talked about our “first wave” cubs who will soon be ready for release, and the “second wave” cubs who are much more recent arrivals and are still very small.  These cubs will be spending the winter at ABR to ensure that when they are released next spring they are of good size and healthy weights – in other words, “Chubby cubbies.”

We have some photos of these smaller cubs in their current housing.  We begin with Tucker Bear, in the acclimation pen he shares with Shelby and Flora.  All three of them have finished their medications and are improving.


Tucker Bear looks more alert.

Tucker eats

Tucker eats good food.

Shelby is improving, too.  She prefers to stay up high up on the platform in the pen.


Shelby Bear likes heights.


She feels safe when she is up high.

As we know, bear cubs seek safety high in trees, so the desire to be high is understandable.  Rufus Bear, who is still in The Cub House, gets high into the crawl space above the wall and just below the roof.


It’s hard to see Rufus up there.

A closer view of Rufus in the crawl space.  Soon he will be too big to fit into the small space.


We can see him in this closeup view. It’s a tight fit!

These “second wave” cubs are making progress as they eat the nutritious food being provided by out curators.  Soon they will be ready for another move – their release into the Wild Enclosure.