Today we have some photos of most of the cubs currently at ABR.  We have three groups – the “first wave” cubs who are almost ready for release and are in one of the Wild Enclosures; the larger of the “second wave” cubs who are in another Wild Enclosure; and finally the smallest of the “second wave,” little cubs who are currently housed in acclimation pens and have yet to be released into a Wild Enclosure.

Here is Rufus Bear, Cub #224, who is still in The Cub House for careful observation as he completes his course of medications.


Rufus in The Cub House.

Rufus hides when a curator is nearby.  He hunkers down behind the stump.

Rufus hides

Rufus hides by the stump.

Flora and Tucker Bear have finished their meds and now share an acclimation pen.

Tucker and Flora

Tucker and Flora Bear share an acclimation pen.

Tiny Tim is in his own acclimation pen.

Tiny Tim

Tiny Tim is seen through spaces in the platform.

Beaufort Bear still likes to hide in the log den in his acclimation pen.  We can’t see him very well – maybe that’s the idea.

Beaufort in log

Beaufort curls up in his log den.

The larger “second wave” cubs are in an acclimation pen together where they forage and rest.


Tedford is looking better.

Derby and Gamble

Derby and Gamble forage together.

Pumpkin Bear has gained some weight since she arrived.

Pumpkin Bear

Pumpkin Bear.

The “first wave” cubs are doing very well and will soon be ready for release into the wild.


Aster climbed a tree.

Charley B approached Aster’s tree and she huffed at him and slapped the trunk to show him he was getting too close.  For the most part, though, the “first wave” cubs get along very well and forage together.

First wave cubs

The “first wave” cubs foraging.

To remind you, the “first wave” cubs, who arrived during the summer, are Juliette, Summer, Petal, Peanut, Charley B, Ellis and Aster.  They are becoming plump and are very healthy little bears.