We don’t know how many more cubs we will admit to Appalachian Bear Rescue this year, but Cub #227, nicknamed Beaufort Bear, is with us now.  Taken to the UT vet school for a checkup, he weighed in at 15 pounds, a bit more than some of the recent admissions, and yet still woefully below an average weight for a nine-month-old cub.  We don’t have a good photo of him yet, but here are two images of his exam.

Beaufort is examined

Dr. Sullivan and his team examine Beaufort Bear at UT.

As was true of other recent arrivals, Beaufort needed the worm medicine to enable him to eliminate parasites from his system.

Beaufort's exam

Beaufort didn’t need antibiotics.

When Curator Coy took him back to ABR, he was put directly into a perimeter pen.  He must be alone until he finishes his medications.  Look carefully and you may see him – he curled up inside of the hollow log in the pen and went to sleep.

Beaufort in log

Beaufort inside the log “den.”

Sleep, rest, and eat, Beaufort Bear.  You will soon be a “chubby cubby,” too.