We are revisiting one of the larger cubs today.  Charley B Bear (Cub #214) arrived at ABR in August and is residing with six other cubs in Wild Enclosure 4.  These cubs are much bigger than the recent arrivals as you can see in this sequence of photos of Charley B on the Tire Bridge in the enclosure.  This is an enrichment feature that Curator Coy created during the months before we had cubs.  Enrichment is important for animals that are in captivity.  Although the ABR cubs are not captive animals in the traditional sense, while they are with us they are “in captivity,” and as highly intelligent and curious animals they need challenges to occupy their active minds.

In the first photo, Charley B is looking down from his perch in a tree to where the Tire Bridge is.

Charley B

Charley B looks at the Tire Bridge below.

He decides to take the challenge and cross the bridge.

Charley B on bridge

Charley B sets out on the bridge.

Charley B on bridge

He moves along on the bridge.

Charley B

He reached the other side and takes a rest.

Now it is time to go back.  He doesn’t have to, of course – it’s up to him.  The bridge is just for exercise and fun, and to give the cubs a puzzle of sorts.

Charely B comes back

Charley B makes his way back.

He’s not sure what to do next or how to get down.

Charley B

He sits and thinks about how to dismount.

Charley B

We wonder what is going through his head.

He figures out a way to get down.

Charley B dismounts

Charley B dismounts.

Good for Charley B!  He climbs up the tree again.

Charely B on tree

Charley B climbs up the tree.

We can see how Charley B and the cubs who have been at ABR for a while have grown and thrived.  They will be ready for their second chance in the wild very soon.