Some of our more recent arrivals are growing larger and stronger.  Look at these photos of the cubs in Wild Enclosure 2  – Tedford, Derby, Pumpkin and Gamble Bear.  They have not been at ABR long, but are already showing that good food and plenty of it makes a difference in their appearance.

Derby Bear seems to be the most willing photographic subject.


Derby Bear with his red eat tags.

Remember, Derby sports red ear tags because he hails from Kentucky and that is their color of choice for male bears.


Derby forages for food.

The four cubs in this Wild Enclosure seem to enjoy each others’ company.  None of them has staked out a space of their own, as some of the other cubs did earlier in the year.

Tedford and Gamble

Tedford and Gamble Bear with their Tennessee ear tags.

Cubs often like to stay hidden.

Cubs hiding

Cubs are good at hiding in undergrowth.

As we know, cubs are also good at climbing trees.


Pumpkin Bear climbs up in a tree.