Recently, we posted that some of the newer residents, Cubs #217 (Tedford), #218 (Derby), #220 (Pumpkin) and #221 (Gamble) had finished their meds and were in Wild Enclosure 2, where our yearling Woody Bear (#205) had spent his two months of “re-wilding” time from May 20 to July 20.

Our designated photographer, Ken LaValley, visited the other day to try and capture these little cubs in photos.  He succeeded with Derby, Tedford and Pumpkin Bear  but Gamble remained hidden.  Here are Ken’s “portraits” of the three cubs.

Our Kentucky cub, Derby Bear, was the most visible during Ken’s visit.  He didn’t realize it, as Ken was out of sight, but he was the most cooperative subject.  First, he offered a frontal view.


Derby Bear has gained weight.

Next, he showed his handsome profile.


Derby in profile view.

Derby is wearing the red ear tags that Kentucky uses on their bears.  He sat on top of a culvert den in the enclosure for this pose.


Derby sits on a culvert den.

He was a very good model!


Derby on the culvert den.

Ken was able to photograph Tedford Bear climbing a tree.


Tedford Bear climbs a tree.

He spotted Pumpkin Bear standing by another tree.  She has a bit of a shy look.

Pumpkin Bear

Pumpkin Bear stays partly hidden.

The ear tags that Pumpkin and Tedford wear are yellow, because they are Tennessee cubs.  All four of the cubs in Wild Enclosure 2 are doing well, although it’s easy to see the differences in size between them and the other cubs that have been residing longer at ABR.  These four came in later in the year and were small when they were admitted.  They have some catching up to do.