In our last post we showed you several “portrait”photos of the four cubs that were released.  Ken LaValley, the designated ABR photographer took the photos shortly before the release.  Today we share more of the photos to show how very chubby and healthy these cubs are.

Sola Bear

Sola Bear.

Sola, Noli, Marvin

Sola, Noli and Marvin Bear.


Marvin Bear being playful.

Carter and Marvin

Carter and Marvin Bear.

Does this look like Noli is giving Carter a kiss?

Carter and Noli

Carter and Noli Bear.


Sola Bear licks her paw.

In typical cub fashion, Marvin and Carter engage in a bit of roughhousing.

Marvin and Carter

Marvin and Carter Bear.


Marvin Bear relaxes.

As we said yesterday, we are proud of the progress these little bears have made, thanks to our curators and the good nutrition that has made the cubs so chubby and healthy.  We hope they are happy in their natural habitat.  That is where they are supposed to be, and now they have a second chance at the wild lives they were born to live.  Good bye and good luck, cubs!