When we see the cubs in our trees that are now bare of leaves, they look like “plump furry fruit,” as our Facebook administrator so aptly put it.  You can see what he means in this photo.

cubs in trees

Cubs in trees look like fuzzy fruit.

Here is Peanut Bear, resting in the tree.  He has become a plump peanut.


Peanut is relaxing in the tree.

Carter Bear is a plump cub now, too.

Carter Bear

Carter Bear is at home in the tree.

Aster Bear has recovered beautifully from the accident that brought her to ABR .

Aster Bear

Aster Bear is looking good!

Marvin and Sola seem to be having a conversation.

Marvin and Sola

Marvin and Sola Bear.

Charley B on the always popular stump.  Is the stump getting smaller?  We can remember not too long ago when three cubs could fit on top.  Now it looks like Charley B takes up the whole stump by himself.

Charley B

Charley B Bear on the stump.

Yes indeed, our cubs are certainly chubby now.  In fact, they are slowing down with their eating, and are resting frequently.  Bears that have gained enough weight to survive the winter become lethargic for the month or so before hibernation, and our cubs instinctively know they have gained the weight they need.