Our little black cubs make a perfect accent when they are photographed against the colorful leaves of fall.  Here are a few photos that show us that “Cubby Black” is THE color for this fall!


Sola Bear snoozes in a fall-colored tree

Yes, it is scary to see them up so high.  But that’s where they want to be.


Noli is in another tree.

Noli’s position is really precarious, at least to a human observer.


Carter is not such a risk-taker, at least for now.

This is the photo we posted a few days ago.  We said at the time that it wasn’t a very good image, bur we’re re-posting because the curator identified the seated bear as Marvin.  Hasn’t he grown!!


Marvin sits in a surprisingly human position.

Watch for more photo updates to come – there’s never a dull moment at ABR!