Sola Bear (Cub 215) who is in Wild Enclosure 4, is apparently intrigued by the sight, smell and sound of Tedford Bear (Cub 217).  In this series of photos we see a very chubby Sola Bear snoozing in a tree, and then coming down to check out the acclimation pen that currently houses Tedford.  Bear cubs are curious by nature, as are adult bears, so her visit to see the new neighbor is perfectly natural.


Sola is up in the tree, snoozing.

Something prompted her to go down to see about Tedford.


Sola is down from her perch in the tree.

She has really become chubby since she arrived at ABR!

Sola at the pen

Sola goes close to the acclimation pen.

We don’t know if they “spoke” to each other or not.  Of course Tedford knew that she was there.  He may have just stayed where he was.  Here he is – see how much smaller he is than Sola, although they are the same age.

Tedford Bear

Tedford Bear on the platform in the acclimation pen.

We hope that Tedford, Derby, and Pumpkin will grow chubby and healthy like Sola and the other resident cubs.