Cubs 218 and 219 – Derby and Angelica Bear – are tolerating each other in the acclimation pen that they share.  Fortunately, young cubs can usually get along with other, unrelated cubs.  Sometimes they even become fast friends.  The curators will settle for tolerating each other and let the cubs decide if they want to become better friends.

Here are some photos of these two cubs.


Angelica Bear

Angelica and Derby

Angelica and Derby Bear.

The curator served a good meal for the two small cubs.  They have shown that they can eat with no problems.

food for cubs

Food for the two cubs.

Derby is the first one to check out the food.

Derby eats.

Derby comes to eat.

Like most cubs, Derby likes the grapes and eats them first.

Derby eats grapes

Derby starts on the grapes.

Angelica takes a nap.  After her recent traumas, she needs plenty of rest.

Angelica sleeps

Angelica stretches out and takes a nap.

We are sure that these two little ones will be out in the Wild Enclosure very soon.