We have been featuring the four latest arrivals recently, but thought it would be good to go and revisit some of our “old friends” in the Wild Enclosures.  They provide quite a contrast to the little newcomers.  As you can see, they are getting chubbier all the time!

First we see Carter Bear.  He is looking more like a bear and less like a cub, but we think you’ll agree that he is a handsome boy.


Carter Bear.


Carter is losing his cub look.

Next, we see Peanut Bear.  He, too, is growing out of the “cubby look.”


Peanut Bear forages.

Even little Marvin, one of the smallest cubs outside of the new arrivals, is becoming a good-looking, more grown-up bear.


Marvin Bear is still small, but growing.

All of the cubs spend lots of time foraging, as they should be doing.

cubs foraging

Nothing distracts them from foraging.

Occasionally, however, a cub has to take time for a nap.  Aster got tired and climbed up a tree to snooze.


Aster catches some z’s after her tummy was full.

We’ve said it before – it’s hard to believe that a cub can sleep in such an awkward (to us) position, but they are as comfortable in the trees as we are in our beds.