Today we have some photos of the four most recent additions to the ABR cub population.  The curators wanted to give Tedford, Derby, and Angelica time to settle into their new accommodations without disturbing them in any way.  These three cubs are housed temporarily in acclimation pens, so curators can watch to make sure they are eating well and show readiness to go into the Wild Enclosure.  Being in a confined space is very foreign to these little bears that have been in the wild until a few days ago.

Tedford is in one acclimation pen, since he was admitted to ABR before the others.  He is a shy cub and hides when he senses a curator is nearby.  Here is a photo of Tedford hiding behind a post in his acclimation pen.

Tedford hides

Tedford hides.

He ventured out from behind the post for this shot.


Tedford comes out from behind the post.

The other two cubs, #218 and 219, came in on the same night.  #219 (Angelica Bear) was put into the Cub Nursery at first, but it was extremely stressful for her to be in such a small cage, so she was moved into the acclimation pen into which #218 (Derby Bear) had been transferred. These two have been in the wild, and are not used to even a large cage, but the curators must be sure that they are eating well and showing necessary skills to allow them to be out in the Wild Enclosure.

Derby Bear was placed in the acclimation pen right away.  He is only the second cub ABR has ever received from Kentucky.

Derby Bear

Derby Bear

Derby Bear is all legs.  He is thin, and needs to fill out, which he will do with ABR’s nutritious, high calorie food.

Derby is thin

Derby needs to put on weight.

When Angelica was introduced into the same acclimation pen, the curators observed to see how the two cubs would react.  So far there have been no problems.

Here is Angelica Bear in the acclimation pen.

Angelica Bear

Angelica Bear.


Angelica Bear closeup.

The two cubs are keeping their distance from each other, a normal reaction.

two cubs

Each cub has his or her own space within the pen.

It will be interesting to watch the cubs as they become acquainted with each other, or don’t.  We have seen cubs that are very social and other cubs that are much more solitary.  Each cub can choose how to react to others.