A few days ago, Curator Coy and a couple of volunteers went to the Tennessee State Nursery to pick up sawtooth oak acorns that they offered to ABR.  We have mentioned before that the hard mast (acorn) crop is not as abundant as we would like this year, so we were very grateful for the donation of acorns to feed the cubs.  Here is a photo of our Dry Storage Unit, now full of acorns!  This many will last a while, though with 13 hungry cubs to feed they won’t last as long as one might think.


Lots of acorns in storage.

Curator Coy delivered some acorns to the cubs in Enclosure 4.

Coy throws acorns

Curator Coy delivering acorns.

At the time, there were cubs snoozing peacefully in a tree in the enclosure.

Cubs snoozing

Cubs were snoozing in the tree.

The sound of the acorns falling was like an alarm clock, and they hurried down to eat.

Cubs come down

Down they come to eat!

Marvin was seen crunching on an acorn.


Marvin crunches an acorn.

In the other Wild Enclosure, Pansy and her brother Peanut were sitting on the ever popular tree stump.

Pansy and Peanut

Pansy and Peanut on the stump.

When they heard the acorns falling, they came down off their perch to eat.  The curators can hear the sound of cubs crunching on acorns.

Cubs crunching

Munch, crunch, munch, crunch! Yum!

Charley B Bear heard the sound of acorns falling.  Although we don’t have a photo of him eating, we can be sure he did.

Charley B

Charley B hears the sound of acorns falling.

The cubs are happy with their acorns, which help them put on the extra weight they need for winter.