Although it is exciting news for us, whenever we receive a bear cub at ABR it means that something sad has happened in that cub’s young life.  This little bear is very underweight, at just 16 pounds.  That weight is about half what our resident cubs weigh, but of course this little one hasn’t had the benefit of all the nutritious and abundant food that cubs at ABR receive.  We are sure that once he starts eating the food we provide he will increase in weight very quickly.

His nickname is Tedford, and he came from the same county as our cubs 210, 211, and 212 – Pansy, Petal, and Peanut Bear.  We only have one photo of Tedford Bear, since he just arrived yesterday.More will follow in the days to come.

217-Tedford Bear

Cub 217 – Tedford Bear in the acclimation pen.

As has been true of other cubs when they arrived, Tedford Bear was placed in The Cub House with its adjoining acclimation pen.  He climbed up the side of the pen immediately.  If there had been a tree, he would have climbed up it, but since there was not, he climbed up to the platform in the pen.  We think it won’t be long until he is released into the Wild Enclosure.  As soon as the curators are reassured that he is eating well and climbing well, he will go out with other cubs.