Today we see what a couple of the cubs are eating – Apples!  The first two photos show Marvin with apples.  If you remember, Marvin was a very fussy eater when he first arrived at ABR.  He did like applesauce, though. Now that he has grown larger and is out in the Wild Enclosure, he is eating the apples that the curators throw over the fence, and enjoying them very much, along with the other good foods the curators provide.

Marvin eats apple

Marvin eats an apple on the ground.

Marvin - apple

He holds the apple in place with his paw.

The next two photos are of Carter Bear.  Do you remember when he would not come down from his tree?  Now he is comfortable on the ground, foraging, and this day he literally fell asleep where he was eating!  Though bears feel safest in trees, it is obvious that Carter feels safe enough to snooze on the ground.

Carter asleep

Carter fell asleep after eating several apples.

The zoom lens brings him closer and we see a completely relaxed, snoozing bear!

Carter sleeping

Carter snoozed right where he had eaten.

Bears often make daybeds for themselves in which to rest.  Carter didn’t bother with that formality.  In 2013, we had a yearling bear, Colton, in residence.  After he was released, it was discovered that Colton had made several daybeds in the Wild Enclosure.  Here is a picture of one of them.

/colton's daybed

Colton’s daybed looks like a big bird nest.

We never cease to be amazed by the antics of the cubs.