We have some photos taken by Curator Janet today.  She wasn’t able to get a lot of photos, because the cubs weren’t out and about too much, preferring to stay in the underbrush to forage.  But she managed to spot several of the cubs, and the images she got are good ones.  We think you’ll like them!

To start off, we have a “mystery picture.”  What little bear is hiding behind the tree?

hiding cub

Guess who?

The cub reveals herself – it is Summer Bear!

Summer Bear

It’s Summer Bear!

Let’s take a look at Charley B Bear.  He is one of the largest cubs (yes, he IS still a cub) we have at ABR.

Charley B

Charley B is a big, healthy cub.

A trio of foraging cubs is next.

Carter, Noli, Marvin

Carter, Noli, and Marvin forage together.

Marvin stops foraging for a moment to take a drink from the pool.

Marvin drinks

Marvin gets a drink.

We started with a hiding cub and will end with another hiding cub.  Noli isn’t completely hidden, though.  We see her peeking out at us.


Noli peeks out from behind the tree.

The photos of the cubs are so much fun to see, and they enable us to observe how the little bears are growing.