Our curators vary the food deliveries, using different times and different delivery points around the enclosures.  This is done so the cubs don’t learn to expect their food at a given time and place.  They are so intelligent that they would learn very quickly if the curators did not do this.  Dinnertime may be any time of the day, as the cubs are only fed once a day now.  Here is a photo of the dinner offerings for one of the enclosures – you can see that there is plenty of food!


A variety of foods for the cubs.

In addition, persimmons were added to the menu.  They have been popular recently.


Persimmons are a hit with the cubs.

Cubs in Wild Enclosure 4.  Marvin, Carter, Sola and Noli.

4 cubs

Marvin , Carter, Noli, Sola forage.

Marvin still vocalizes over his food, as he has done throughout his stay at ABR.  The other cubs don’t pay attention.

4 cubs

Marvin vocalizes as he eats.

In Wild Enclosure 3, Aster is moving a little closer to the other cubs.  Sometimes it takes a while for a new cub to feel comfortable around others.

Aster and another cub

Aster is nearer to another cub.

It won’t be long before Aster joins the others to forage.

cubs in Wild Enclosure 3

Foraging group of cubs in Wild Enclosure 3.

Sisters Pansy and Petal forage together.

Pansy and Petal

Pansy and Petal.

Look how plump the cubs have become!  They are nice and round, as cubs should be.

chubby cubs

The cubs are really getting chubby!

The job of ABR is to prepare the cubs for their eventual release into the wild.  It looks as though the cubs are doing very well.  Keep eating, cubs – get nice and fat!