Our Facebook administrator commented that since the cubs have become so chubby, when they are foraging for food in the grass they look “like a herd of tiny buffalo.”  We think that is an apt description.  See what you think.  Here they are.

cubs graze

The cubs resemble miniature buffalo as they graze in the grass.

We have shown cubs on the stump in the enclosure from time to time.  They seem to enjoy being up on the stump (like being onstage, perhaps?)  Bears often like to be UP on something, even if they are not up in a tree.  The question is:  How many chubby cubs will fit on the stump.  Let’s start with two.

2 cubs on stump

Two cubs side-by-side on the stump.

That was easy.  How about adding a cub.  Do you think that three cubs will fit on the stump?

3 on stump

Yes! Three cubs on the stump!

They are pretty crowded, it appears.  We don’t see how another cub would fit.  But…….

4 cubs on stump

Four cubs do fit on the stump! Amazing!

No other cubs tried to climb up, so maybe four is the maximum number.  We close today’s post with “the end” of Noli Bear.  She has the typical little bear tail.  Their tails are so short that many people don’t even realize that bears have tails.  But here is the proof that they do!

Noli's tail

Noli’s backside with tail.