We have some more of photographer Ken LaValley’s beautiful cub portraits today.  As always, we must remind you that he is NOT “up close and personal” with the cubs, although it looks that way.  He must take the photos through peepholes in the blinds that surround the enclosure or from the viewing tower.  It’s his masterful use of long lenses and his talent as a photographer that makes us feel as though he is very close to the cubs.

The first photo is Peanut Bear standing by a tree.  He is becoming a very handsome bear and losing his cubby appearance just like the other cubs.


Peanut Bear shows how easy it is for a bear to stand up.

Next we see an up-close portrait of Noli Bear.  She has come a long way since she arrived at ABR in July.


Noli Bear is growing up.

Juliette Bear struck a fine pose for Ken LaValley.


Juliette Bear on a tree.

Juliette’s sister, Summer Bear, shares a tree with Charley B Bear.

Summer and Charley B

Summer and Charley B Bear both hug the same tree.

Two more cubs posed near the cubby pool.

Petal and Peanut

Petal and her brother Peanut were seen by the pool.

Finally, we have this shot of Petal fishing a peanut out of the pool.  We might think that bears’ paws are clumsy, but that is not the case.  Bears are capable of rather precise movements.  As Curator Janet remarked, “If they had opposable thumbs we would really be in trouble!”

Petal with peanut

Petal reaches for a peanut floating in the pool.

We hope you enjoy these wonderful images.  Thanks to Ken La Valley for his work!