Our wonderful photographer, Ken LaValley was able to get some beautiful “portraits” of Aster Bear, now that she is out in the Wild Enclosure.  We are sure that you will be delighted to see how healthy she looks and how she is growing.  Enjoy these images.  And remember, that the “closeup” shots are due to Ken’s long lenses, not to his being that close to her!

Aster in tree

Aster poses in a tree.

Aster tree

She shifts her position on the branch.

It seems to us humans that this branch is too small for her, but bears seem to know where it’s safe.

Aster climbs

Aster climbs up the tree.

Aster rests

Aster rests on the tree branch.

As we’ve said many times before, bear cubs are very comfortable in trees.  They rest, eat, sleep and play with no worries about their safety.