This video shows Aster Bear when she was released into Wild Enclosure 3 with the 7 cubs who already resided there.  You may remember we reported that she huffed and blew at the curators, to show her distaste for humans and in doing so she scared the other cubs, causing them to scamper up trees.  This video was taken at her release, and you can hear the “huffing” sounds she made.  You will also see the nervous cubs who were scared by her noises.  She is no doubt the smallest cub in the enclosure, but that didn’t stop her, and it didn’t keep the others from showing fear.  Remember, bears are fearful animals; that is why the best thing to do if you encounter a bear is to make noise, which will frighten it away.  Click here to watch the cubs of Wild Enclosure 3 and their reaction to the new cub in their enclosure.