Question: Do bear cubs mind being in the rain?  Answer: Absolutely not!  Today we see the four cubs in enclosure 4 hanging out in a tree a couple of days ago when the “rain was raining all around.”

Four cubs on the branch of a tree in their Wild Enclosure.

Marvin, Carter, Noli, Sola

Marvin, Carter, Noli and Sola share the branch of a tree.

The steady rain did not deter them.  They still preferred to stay up high in the trees to the choice that we might have made – to get into one of the dens and out of the rain.  No matter the weather, bear cubs still feel safest in trees.

wet cubs

Wet cubs in a wet tree.

We might think Marvin needs an umbrella, but he seems content.


Marvin sits in the rain.

This last photo clearly shows what a wet and gloomy day it was.  It’s a good thing that a bear’s fur sheds water so well, acting somewhat like a raincoat.

soggy cubs

Soggy cubs up high in the tree.

The cubs did climb down to forage, but then climbed up again.  This day they did not stay for a long time on the wet ground.