Lately we have posted many photos of the ABR cubs eating.  That seems to be all they do these days, but today we have some photos of cubs that are taking a break from constant eating to engage in a little play.  We will see the cubs in Wild Enclosure 4 playing with their surroundings.

Look at Sola Bear, who is “Queen of the Stump.”  This is a different stump from the one we saw yesterday, because it is a different enclosure.  But bears do like to be up on something that puts them higher than those around them.  Sola is on the stump in the first picture.


Sola sits on the stump like a queen on her throne.

A popular playtime object in the enclosure is the saplings that grow there.  The cubs enjoy bending and playing with them.  They will eat leaves on the saplings, but mainly seem to like to bend them and watch them spring back.

bending a sapling

A sapling is fun to bend.

Sola’s mastery of the stump doesn’t last long.  She is pushed off by one of the other cubs.

Sola pushed off

Sola loses her place.

Another cub found somewhere else on which to climb up and sit.  One of the artificial dens makes a good perch.

Cub on den

Cub on top of artificial den.

Yet another cub found somewhere else to be above his surroundings.

Cub on high ground

Another cub is up above the ground

Meanwhile, back in The Cub House, Aster is continuing to improve.  She has shown the curators that her jaw injury is much better and she can chew, eating some acorns, chestnuts, and Mazuri bear pellets in addition to the fruits.


Aster eats her food eagerly.

We are very glad to see Aster responding so well to her treatment.