Yes indeed, hyperphagia is in full swing these days, as all of the ABR cubs are eating as much as they can.  Here is Aster, still in the acclimation pen for a few more days, chowing down on persimmons as well as other soft foods.  Because of her sutures, it is more difficult for her to eat the nuts, but she continues to improve.  She loved the persimmons when they were added to the menu through the donation from a volunteer.

Aster eats

Aster enjoys persimmons and other fruits.

Here is a photo of Aster’s leg that was shaved by the vets when she had to have an IV inserted into her leg.  The fur is growing back nicely.  It looks like she is wearing a bear paw slipper.

Aster's leg

Aster shows off the latest style for bear paws.

In Wild Enclosure 3, one of the cubs has its nose to the ground as it eats a variety of treats.  Acorn crunching is heard.

Cub eating

Cub eating acorns, persimmons, and more.

Charley B seeks diligently for hidden acorns. The cubs can sniff them out, wherever they are.

Charley B

Charley B finds hidden acorns.

Seems like all we see these days is photos of the cubs eating.  But that’s what they do this time of year.