We’ve talked about hyperphagia in recent posts, and mentioned that the bears (including our cubs) eat voraciously and almost nonstop as they strive to pack on the pounds needed for the winter.  In addition to eating great quantities of food, they drink literally gallons of water.  Bears in the wild do this also – remember, during their hibernation they will not eat or drink at all.

Here we see three of the cubs at the cubby pool, lined up to get drinks.

3 cubs drink

Three cubs at the pool to drink.

Cub drinks

Drinking water is as important as eating during hyperphagia.

Marvin at stream

Marvin Bear checks out the “stream” by the pool and drinks from it.

Meanwhile, in The Cub House, Aster Bear is eating and drinking a lot, also.

Aster Bear

Aster Bear has a great appetite.

Eat and drink, eat and drink – that’s the life of our cubs now.