As we have said before, it isn’t easy to get good photos of the cubs, due to the “no human contact” rule.  However, today we are fortunate to have a few new photos, taken at ground level rather than from the tower.  There are a few (very few) peepholes where curators or our designated photographer, Ken LaValley, can put a camera up to one and get a photo that looks  up close, thanks to the marvels of zoom lenses.

We begin with a photo of a very handsome cub, Ellis Bear.  Ellis and his brother, Charley B, are the largest cubs in residence.


Ellis Bear looks as though he’s posing!

Next we see brother Charley B Bear, who appears to wear a belt of vines.

Charley B

Charlie B Bear going for a drink.

New friends, Carter and Noli Bear hang out in a tree together.

Carter and Noli

Carter and Noli Bear in a tree.

Pansy Bear seems to be a bit shy.


Pansy Bear behind a tree.

Finally, we have a photo of Aster in The Cub House.  She moves freely from the inside to the outside now.

Aster Bear

Aster Bear in The Cub House.

Curator Coy tells us that Aster is continuing to improve and may be released into the Wild Enclosure within a week.