Cub #216, Aster Bear, has been recovering nicely from the trauma of her traffic accident.  She is still on the meds prescribed by the vets at the UT Vet School.  Curator Coy mixes them into her applesauce, and she gobbles it down. She has done so well that after a week in The Cub House, Coy raised the gate to allow her to move freely from one side of The Cub House to the other and to go out into the acclimation pen.  There, she can see and smell the grass, trees, and the cubs who are already residing in the Wild Enclosure.

Being curious, like all bear cubs, Aster peeks out of the door.

Aster peeks out

Aster discovers the door to the acclimation pen is open.

She ventures out of The Cub House.

On the steps

She starts down the steps into the pen.

down the steps

She seems eager to go all the way down.

Once in the acclimation pen, she explores her new space.

She walks around, seeming to enjoy the larger space.

She walks around, seeming to enjoy the larger space.

She is interested in the leaves that have fallen through the fencing.

Aster with leaves

Aster sniffs at the leaves on the floor.

The curators will monitor her continuing progress as she explores the acclimation pen.By the time she is finished with her meds, and providing she shows the ability to climb up to the platform in the pen, they will open the gate to let her out into  Wild Enclosure 4 with Marvin, Carter, Noli, and Sola Bear.