Our newest cub, #216 (Aster Bear) has only been at ABR for a week, but she is progressing well in The Cub House.  Curator Coy reports that she has an excellent appetite.  Being as small as she is – she is about half the weight of the other cubs in residence – it is vital that she eat the food that the curators provide for her.  We have some photos of her doing just that – eating and then resting in The Cub House.  Again, these were taken through the glass, so they aren’t as clear as usual.  When she is out of The Cub House we’ll be able to see her much better.

In the first photo, we see Aster just minutes after the food was put into one half of The Cub House.  She had been in the other side, so she couldn’t see the curator, who placed the food and then raised the gate remotely for her.

Aster eats

Aster goes straight to the food.

The next two photos were taken with a longer lens, to let us see Aster eating.

Aster eats

She doesn’t waste any time eating!

Aster eats

The closeup lens lets us see her better.

After she finished off her food, she lay down to take a nap.  She could have taken her nap in the culvert den, but chose to simply lie down on the floor next to the big stump.

Aster sleeps

Aster snoozes by the stump.

The curators are very pleased with the progress she has made in just a short time.