It has been just 3 days since little Aster Bear came to ABR.  You may recall that she was hit by a car on a road near to our facility.  After a visit to the UT College of Veterinary Medicine and two nights there while the vets performed tests and started her on antibiotics, she arrived at ABR and was placed in The Cub House.  The curators report that she is making progress but it is slow.  The good news is that she is very hungry and is eating everything that is offered to her.  Her meds are mixed into her applesauce.  In addition to the applesauce she receives yogurt with crushed Mazuri bear pellets mixed in, grapes, and pecans.  A cub feast!  She appears to be a bit lethargic, which could be the result of her accident or could be a reaction to the medications, or might be a little of both.  It is good right now for her to be somewhat lethargic, as she needs a lot of rest.  For that reason, she is confined to The Cub House rather than being allowed to access the acclimation pen.  That chance will come as soon as she is feeling more energetic.

Here is another photo taken through the one-way glass.  Aster is eating the food she needs to help her regain her strength and alertness.  As before, the photos taken through the glass are somewhat hazy.  Note that her back right leg is shaved.  That was done at the UT vet school, when they needed to insert an IV.

Aster eats

Aster is eating all her food.

The next photo shows us the door with the windows through which the curators can observe and photograph a cub without being seen.

Cub house door

The Cub House door.

Here is an image that gives a good overview of The Cub House and its features.  As we can see, it is divided in half, allowing the curator to close off one section while the other section is cleaned and food replaced.

Cub House

The Cub House design works very well.

Many ABR friends and supporters are rooting for little Aster and hoping that she will soon be strong enough to go out in the acclimation pen and then into the Wild Enclosure!