We have told you about hyperphagia, the eating frenzy that hits all bears, including cubs, at this time of year.  The cubs are busily packing on pounds to prepare for hibernation in a couple of months.  Curator Coy was able to film some of the action and in this video we get a peek into both of the Wild Enclosures where cubs are eating.  Coy had given them a special treat – chestnuts!  Until a terrible blight killed off the chestnut trees in the Appalachians about 100 years ago, chestnuts were the favorite food for bears and all wildlife each fall.  When the chestnut trees disappeared, wildlife turned to acorns.  But it was obvious from the reaction of the cubs to chestnuts that they found them just as satisfying as their ancestors did long ago.  The American Chestnut Foundation is working to develop a tree that will be resistant to the blight.  When they do, we can see that the nuts will be very well received.  Click here to watch our cubs foraging on chestnuts and other foods.