We have mentioned that the cubs are now in the fall feeding frenzy known scientifically as hyperphagia.  A month ago, they were spending a lot of their time in the trees.  Now that has changed, and the curators see the cubs on the ground, foraging for and eating the nutritious foods that have been thrown over the fences of the Wild Enclosures.  Even those cubs that were reluctant to associate with others are joining in and we see large groups congregating in each of the enclosures.

In Enclosure 4, we see the four cubs foraging close to each other.

Marvin, Carter, Noli, Sola

Marvin, Carter, Noli and Sola forage together.

In Wild Enclosure 3, six of the seven cubs are busy foraging together.

6 cubs

Summer, Juliette, Pansy, Petal, Peanut and Ellis are eating together.

The seventh cub in Enclosure 3 took a break, resting on the popular stump.

Charlie B

Charlie B took a break from eating.

Here is a photo that clearly shows how the focus has changed from “in the trees” to “on the ground.”

Cubs eat

Cubs with their muzzles to the ground.

Marvin Bear, in Enclosure 4, enjoyed the chestnuts and peanuts.


Marvin Bear eats nuts.

It is apparent that the cubs are eating well.  They are becoming chubby cubbies!