Today we have a really cute sequence of photos of the three sisters – Summer, Juliette and Petal Bear relaxing in the ABR Wild Enclosure.  If we use our imaginations, it almost seems as though Summer told something funny and her sisters reacted by rolling on the ground with laughter.  Now we realize that this is an anthropomorphic view, but we’re sure that you’ll see how we came up with that interpretation.  Whatever these little bears were doing, it is very amusing to see the sequence of photos.

First, it appears that Summer (below) is telling a joke to sister Juliette.

Summer and Juliette

Summer has the full attention of Juliette.

Juliette and Summer

Looks like Juliette thought what Summer said was funny.

Juliette rolls backward, exposing her belly.  Bears don’t readily expose their vulnerable belly area unless they feel safe and do not feel threatened.

Juliette and Summer

Juliette rolls on her back.

Now we see that Petal has been nearby.  She, too, seems to join in the fun.

Juliette, Summer, Petal

Petal joins in the merriment.

The merriment continues, with all three cubs joining in.  The very interesting thing about this incident is that during the entire episode the cubs were silent.  Bear cubs seldom make any noise as they are playing or interacting.  In the wild, noise might lead a predator to the cubs, so they are taught very early that silence is necessary.

3 sisters

All 3 sisters appear to be laughing.

3 cubs

Summer watches her sisters react.

This was a brief moment of fun in the lives of these three cubs.  It was fun for us to see them, too.