We have photos of some of the ABR cubs in each enclosure today, but not all of the cubs.  The curator can only take photos if cubs are visible, and often they are not. In addition to the secretive nature of some of our residents, the curators can only take photos while in the viewing tower or through a peephole in the black fence covering, so we are fortunate to have photos at all.

In Wild Enclosure 3, we start with photos of Charley B.

Charley B

                                 Charley B forages in the underbrush. 

He takes a break from foraging and rests on “his” branch.  Each cub has one or two favorite trees or branches where they often relax.

Charley B

                                                     Charley B likes this branch.

The curator took a picture of Charley’s brother Ellis, but we can only see about two-thirds of the bear standing under the tire bridge.


                                               Ellis Bear – all but his head!.

In the other Wild Enclosure, we see a very relaxed Marvin Bear hanging out in his favorite tree.


                                               Marvin Bear rests in his tree.

We never know what cubs and what cub activities will be captured in photos next.  Stay tuned to find out!