The curators report that the cubs in this enclosure have become “pals.”  They forage together, wrestle together, and generally get along well.  In Wild Enclosure 4, all the cubs except for Carter interact quite regularly now.  He still maintains his distance and is content to be alone.  Of course this habit will serve him well when he is released into the wild, since he will be living a solitary life.

Here are some photos of three of the cubs in Wild Enclosure 3, starting with a sequence of photos of Peanut.


Peanut, full frontal view, on stump.

As if posing, or having I.D. photos made, he turns to show his profile.


Peanut in profile view.

Finally, he decides to take a nap.

Peanut sleeps

Peanut takes a nap on the stump.

Two other cubs in Peanut’s enclosure interact in a different way.  Juliette (above) seems to have something to say to Ellis.

Juliette and Ellis

Juliette looks down to where Ellis is.

To be sure he knows she is there, she makes a move forward.

Juliette and Ellis

Juliette goes closer to Ellis.

There is never a dull moment or a boring day at ABR with thirteen growing cubs onsite!