In our last post we shared some information about hyperphagia, the “feeding frenzy” that hits all bears from late summer through fall.  The ABR cubs, like their wild counterparts, are spending more time foraging and are eating ever larger quantities of food in response to bodily signals telling them to prepare for winter and hibernation.  In addition to increased food intake, our cubs (and wild bears) drink more water.  During hibernation bears do not eat or drink, so the urgency to eat and drink more seems very understandable.

Today we have photos that show some of the cubs in Wild Enclosure 4 gathering at the Cubby pool to drink.  First, we see Bonnie Blue making her way to the pool.

Bonnie Blue

Bonnie Blue comes toward the Cubby pool.

Bonnie Blue drinks

She starts to drink from the pool.

Marvin shows up at the pool.

Marvin joins her

Marvin comes to join her at the pool.

Ridgeway is nearby.  These three cubs have formed a bond and are almost always together or near to each other.

Ridgeway, too

Ridgeway isn’t far off.

The cubs come and go as they wish.  Marvin may have drunk his fill for now.

3 cubs at pool

Marvin moves away.

It will be interesting for us to watch the cubs as they deal with their hyperphagia.  It is a challenge for the curators to provide enough food for the hungry cubs without over-feeding them.  We want them to be of healthy weights, but not obese when they are ready for release.