The cubs residing at ABR have many choices of activities.  Choices that are very much like what they will have when they are back in the wild.  Here are some images that show some of the cubs and the choices they have made at the time the photo was taken.

One choice that all of the cubs make frequently is that of climbing a tree.  Our Wild Enclosures have many tall trees and the cubs take advantage of them.  Trees are very important to bear cubs – they represent safety and security.  Sometimes they are used for food (leaves and insects) and often for rest and sleep.

cub in tree

      One of the cubs in a typical resting pose in the tree.

Another choice of activity centers around the natural-looking “dens” that are in the enclosures.  Here, Marvin chooses to play on top of the den (maybe he’s “king of the mountain?”)

Marvin on den

                                          Marvin on top of a den.

Another choice when it comes to dens is to hide inside or next to the structure as Marvin is doing here.

Marvin hides

                                             Marvin hides in the den.

The cubs can choose to attack a tree in the enclosure, to shred the bark and look for tasty insects.  Bonnie Blue appears to have done some damage to this tree as she looks for insects or grubs.

Bonnie Blue and scratched tree

                           Bonnie Blue with tree that has been scratched.

Finally, Here is Charley B, who is choosing to simply stand and show what a handsome bear he is.  He appears to be comfortable and contented.

Charley B.

                           Charley B. poses on logs.

We try to provide as many good choices for our cubs as possible.  We hope that they will continue to make good choices when they leave us to return to the wild.