Bear cubs are learning every day.  They are alert to any unusual smell, sound, or sight and will bolt and climb the nearest tree when even slightly alarmed.  This reaction is automatic and is vital to their survival, when in the wild.  The cubs at ABR follow the same instinctual patterns as do cubs in the wild, and as they do, they are practicing for their eventual return to the wild.

Our first picture is of Noli Bear, obviously on alert.  Perhaps she heard a sound that was unfamiliar, or something caught her attention and she stands up to see over the grass.  As we have said before, when a bear stands up people often assume that it is getting ready to attack, but that is not the case.  Bears stand up on their hind legs to see, hear, or smell something better.

Noli stands

                      Noli Bear is alert to any change in her environment.

It could be that she was uncomfortable about something, for she climbed a tree to rest and observe for a while.

Noli in tree

                                                       Noli in the tree.

The three “buddies,” Bonnie Blue, Ridgeway, and Marvin forage together.

Bonnie Blue, Ridgeway, Marvin

             Bonnie Blue, Ridgeway, and Marvin are usually together.

Carter maintains his distance from the other cubs.  He comes down from his tree to forage alone.


                                  Carter Bear seems to prefer to be alone.

Each of the cubs have their own distinctive personalities that they reveal through their behavior.